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Company Formation and Conversions


From company formation and capital raises to IP protection and product monetization, our experienced team of attorneys provide high-quality legal services and advice tailored to your unique situation.


I.T.H. Law can help you choose the type of entity that is best suited for your business needs, draft the company's formation documents, and complete all applicable state authorization filings and publication requirements.  If you are considering converting your company from one entity form to another (e.g., by converting your New York LLC into a Delaware corporation), I.T.H. Law can guide you through the maze of requisite corporate actions, filings, and contract reviews to ensure a smooth transition.


More than simply a registration process, trademarking involves weighing several legal, business, and practical considerations. I.T.H. Law assists emerging and high-growth companies protect their marks through appropriately tailored trademark searches, application and maintenance filings, USPTO office action responses, and cease and desist letters.


Unfortunately, personal bank accounts, credit cards, and wealthy charitable uncles only go so far. I.T.H. Law advises startups and early-stage companies on their fundraising options, including equity financing (i.e., issuing investors preferred shares in the company), debt financing (i.e., issuing convertible notes to investors), and synthetic early-stage financing (e.g., utilizing alternative investment instruments, such as the Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) or the Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) financial instrument).  The firm also represents companies in negotiations with angel investors, micro VC funds, seed stage funds, and early stage funds, and advises on matters relating to product crowdfunding (e.g., on Kickstarter and Indiegogo) and equity crowdfunding (e.g., on AngelList).

Seed Funding and Ventur Capital
Trademark Protection
Independent Contractor Agreements
Software Develoment Agreements
Independent Contractor Agreements.jpeg


You need something done quickly -- perhaps a logo design or front end development work. You don’t have the resources to complete the task in-house, so you hire an independent contractor to do the work instead. I.T.H. Law can negotiate and draft your independent contractor agreement, advise you on how to meet and maintain the designer's or developer's independent contractor status, and help you avoid expensive penalties, which can include back pay, overtime compensation, the value of the worker's benefits, unpaid taxes and contributions, fees and interest.  


Web development is a complex mix of web design, web hosting, frontend and backend development, automated tests, third party libraries and frameworks, build scripts, configuration files and so much more.  Other types of software development involve similar complexities. I.T.H. Law leverages its legal and technical knowledge regarding software development to draft robust Software Development Agreements that address the many facets of software development, including project scope, IP ownership, warranties and limitation of liability.

Website Development Agreements.jpeg
Employment Agreements.jpg


Whether your company is ready for its first hire or its fiftieth, the terms of employment should be clearly defined.  What payments and benefits will the employee be entitled to during his or her employment and upon termination? Is your company protected against a disgruntled employee who takes what he or she has learned and shares it with your competitor?  Will the non-compete clause in the contracts you currently use hold up in court? These are issues that can cripple smaller companies without carefully drafted offer letters and employment agreements. Let I.T.H. Law draft or review yours today.

Offer Letters and Employment Agreements
Non-Disclosure Agreements


Your company’s confidential information is one of its most valuable assets and should be treated that way. I.T.H. Law can draft carefully worded non-disclosure agreements that prohibit the unauthorized use and disclosure of your company's confidential information. We can also review third party non-disclosure agreements to protect your company against inadvertently limiting the information it can use.

Non-Disclosure Agreements.jpeg
Terms of Use and Privacy Policies
Software as a Service Agreements
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.jpeg


Websites and native applications raise legal liability and intellectual property ownership concerns, particularly when they collect personal information or allow users to post content. I.T.H. Law can help you navigate these matters by carefully drafting your website’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and by examining your website, native application, or wireframes for issues relating to enforceability and compliance with data privacy laws.


SaaS, or software as a service, is all the rage these days, and for good reason. But with cloud service comes cloud responsibility. I.T.H. Law can draft your website's SaaS agreement to address or establish payment terms, representations, service levels, credits, data privacy and security matters, and limits to your company’s liability.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreements.jpg
End User License Agreements.jpg


As Google’s Android Studio’s documentation states, “An End User License Agreement can help protect your person, organization, and intellectual property, and we recommend that you provide one with your application.” I.T.H. Law can prepare an EULA for your company that, among other things, limits your company’s liability and requires your users to indemnify your company against certain third party claims.

End User License Agreements
Software License Agreements
Written Informatio Security Programs


You’ve built an awesome piece of software. Now you want to share it with the world. With a license agreement drafted by I.T.H. Law, you can distribute and monetize the fruits of your labor knowing your company will be protected if users misuse or disclose the software without proper authorization.

Software License Agreements.jpeg
Written Information Security Policies.jpg


Does your website or app collect personal information from Massachusetts residents, e.g., their names and credit card numbers? If so, I.T.H. Law can ensure your company is in compliance with Massachusetts’ Data Security Regulation. The Regulation requires businesses that own or license personal information about a Massachusetts resident develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive written information security program. It doesn't matter where the business is located, and failing to implement such a program could subject your company to civil penalties and private causes of action if it experiences a security breach.

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